SubHum3Tric – Collective Show


SUBHUM3TRIC is the title found for the first Visual Arts Exhibition, held under BENFICARTE project, which brings together a diverse set of visual artists, with the mission to form, light and color to issues related to subversidade of human experience.

The world of Visual Arts is so vast and abstract, as the patent on the concept challenge that we launched this wide range of artists. We gathered 14 styles in an exhibition where the geometry and the human-spatial relationship are illustrated in a metamorphosis that repel subversive ideas as consumerism, instilled in erotismos and values. Become part of this universe!

PORTUGUESE ARTISTS: Art Keeps Me Alive, Guilherme Ferreira, Las Cucarachas, Miguel Pedra Aka Mike Stone, Oruam Graphics, Sebs Aka Mauro Carmelino, Tinta Crua, Trip-DTOs;
BENFICA ARTISTS: MAMB, S’neka, Ze Chatimsky, 2CarryOn.

MUSIC Hosted by ROB.

In addition to the exhibition area, BENFICARTE decided to develop a space intended for dissemination and sale of limited collections designed by each guest artist. Prints, Fanzines, Original T-shirts are just some examples of products that aims to promote



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